Panorama Camera Positioning Laser Cutting Machine

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Model HRC-QJ1490 HRC-QJ1325 HRC-QJ1626
Processing area 1400*900mm 1300*2500mm 1600*2600mm
Laser power 60w/80w/100w/130w/150w
Laser Type Sealed off CO2 laser
Engraving speed 1-60000mm/min
Cutting Speed 1-10000mm/min
Repeatability ± 0.0125mm
Laser energy control 1-100% manual adjustment and software control
Voltage 220V(±10%) 50Hz
Cooling method water-cooledwith protection system
work platform Stainless steel crawler steel mesh platform
Way to control CNC professional CNC system
Supported file types BMP, HPGL, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PCX, TAG, CDR, DWG, DXFCompatible HPG Order To Support DXF, WMF, BMP, DXT
Controlling software Ruida Laser Software add a large panoramic camera
Free Assistant equipment exhaust-fan,air pump,industry chiller CW5200
Optional One head/Dual heads same steps/Dual X rails

Product application field

1. Applicable materials: leather fabric, cloth, carpet, denim, acrylic, plastic, PVC board, two-color board, rubber board, stamps and seals, plexiglass, plexiglass, paper, wood, plywood, MDF and other non-metallic materials.

2. Applicable industries: clothing and leather, embroidery, billboards, craft gifts, crystal ornaments, paper cutting, bamboo, wood products, decoration and industry.

Laser panoramic camera cutting machine

CO2 large format laser engraving machine is a multifunctional laser processing equipment, which is widely used in clothing. Advertising and other industries.

The CO2 large-format laser engraving machine adopts a stable and solid working chassis, which can ensure fast. The stability of the work, the shaking is small, and the work accuracy is not affected. Equipped with linear guide and precision gear transmission at the same time.

It adopts the dynamic system and the specially treated stainless steel crawler-type steel mesh platform, which has high processing precision, convenient operation and never deformation.


1. The CO2 large format laser engraving machine adopts a stainless steel crawler stencil platform, and the processing range is 1300X1800 mm, a wide range of cutting area, to meet the large-format cutting needs of clothing, carpets and other fields.

2. Good cooling system: The CO2 large-format laser engraving machine is equipped with a professional CW-3000 or CW-5000 chiller, and has an automatic alarm function, which can avoid the damage to the machine caused by the heat generated by long-term laser processing, and the cold water is automatically circulated, with a thermometer Display, intuitive control.

3. The laser beam quality is high and the cutting effect is good: the CO2 large-format laser engraving machine adopts imported focusing lens and all-metal reflective lens, the optical path propagation beam quality loss is small, and the lens is maintenance-free. A good laser source ensures the final cutting effect with high precision, no burrs and no yellowing.

4. The packaging is waterproof and shockproof: In order to make the goods arrive at the destination safely and completely, HRC Laser packs the goods from the inside to the outside with 4 layers of materials, waterproof plastic bags, foam boards, cartons, wooden boxes, and all accessories are missing.

Machine Details


Laser head

A professional high-flexible laser head, moves very fast, which can help to achieve high speed and high precision.


Laser tube

80W/100W/130W/150W laser tube, which can be selected according to customer's needs, and can be used to cut non-metallic materials

such as fabric, textile, garment.


Control system

Professional control system, all these data can be set on the digital panel.


CCD Camera

The CCD camera greatly improves the cutting efficiency. During the working process, it can automatically import pictures into the

computer through the vision system for cutting work.


Guide rail

High-quality mold guide rail, faster moving speed, higher running accuracy, more obvious advantages in long-term cutting work


Automatic feeding table

1814/1490 laser cloth cutting machine is equipped with professional automatic feeding table, automatic feeding

The table with roller unit is professionally used for cloth and fabric cutting.

Designed for cloth, cloth, towels, leather, jeans, knitwear, embroidery, it's very useful.


Professional operating software

▶CCD image processing is fast and accurate, not limited by the image

▶ The system is easy to operate, you can quickly learn to operate

▶Stable and efficient production,

Parameters of CCD Automatic Feeding Laser Cloth Cutting Machine

Panoramic camera positioning laser cutting machine 1814 Digital printing pattern automatic positioning cutting machine 1490 1825 Automatic feeding laser fabric cutting machine





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