Jewelry Laser Welding Machine (HRC-200A)

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This welder is specially developed for laser welding of jewelry used in perforating and spot welding of gold and silver jewelry. The laser spot welding is an important aspect of laser process technology application. The spot welding process is thermal conduction, i.e. the laser radiation heats the surface of the workpiece, and the surface heat diffuses to the interior through thermal conduction and melts the workpiece by controlling the width, energy, peak power and repeating frequency of laser pulse to form specific molten pool. Because of its unique advantage, it is widely used in the process of gold and silver jewelry and welding of mini and small parts.

Features and Advantages

1. It can realize spot welding, butt welding, seam welding and sealing welding.

The advantage is high position accuracy, easy to realize robotization

2. Large working space, convenient for placing various tools and cleaning welding debris

3. Jewelry laser welding machine adopts YAG technology, so xenon brand and crystal ,It is the core part of the whole laser welding machine

4. It can be widely used in cabinets, kitchens, stairs, elevators, frames, ovens, stainless steel, steel door and window railings, distribution boxes, stainless steel homes, complex irregular welding, etc.

Machine scope

Our machines are widely used in the jewelry industry, hardware industry, tool industry,  instrument industry, automobile industry, energy industry, building materials industry,  model and machinery manufacturing, electrical and electronic industries.

Technical Parameter

Model Name HRC-200A
Laser Power 200W
Laser Type YAG
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Energy 100J
Pulse width 0.1~20ms
Frequency 1~50HZ
Machine Weight 90KG
Spot size adjustment range 0.3~3mm
Rated power 3Kw
Power required 220V土10% 50/60Hz
Warranty 24 months
Machine dimension 1000 * 600 * 820mm

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Warranty and after-sales service

1.This machine has a 24-months warranty. You can see the warranty card, service card, operation video, and user manual on this machine.

2.During the warranty period, if any part is damaged, we will provide you with new parts for free, and the freight will be borne by us (you will never be required to return old parts, and some manufacturers will require customers to return damaged parts)

3.Even if your machine is out of warranty period, if you encounter any problems, you can call our service center or contact your sales staff. We will help you solve the problem within 12 hours. We have a team of after-sales engineers in English, Japanese, and Russian, and we can provide support services that small factories cannot provide.

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