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CO2 flying Laser Marking Machine laser jet printer is widely used in production line,especially on food bag printing,water bottle marking, suitable for leather, cloth, epoxy resin, wood products, paper, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, bamboo products and other non-metallic materials cutting and engraving.

Item CO2 flying laser marking machine Industrial permanent Laser printing machine
Laser Type CO2
Laser Source Brand DAVI
Marking Area 110mm*110mm/customizable
Engraving Depth ≤4mm(0.16in)  Depends on the material                                
Wavelength 1064nm
Core Components Engine, PLC, source
Beam Quality <2M2
Laser Power 30W/40W/60W
Power consumption 800 W
Interface USB, RS232, Wi-Fi, LAN(customizable)
Marking Speed <1300mm/s
Processing Method Online/Static
Galvanometer brand SINO-GALVO
Screen 10 Inch LCD with touch screen
Marking material Plastic, PET, Glass, Leather, Paper etc.
Laser Module Life 100000Hours
Cooling Style Air Cooling
System Composition Control System, HP Laptop, Separated Type
Output power adjustment range 10%-100%
Operating Temperature 10℃-35℃
Humidity 5% to75% (Free of Condensed Water)
Power 110V-240V/50Hz-60Hz(According to local electricity supply).
Warranty 12 Months

Equipment Performance

1. Comparing with traditional post-dynamic focusing marking machine, it's no necessary to replace the different flat-field lenses to get different marking area. Thinner laser spot as well.

2. No need adjustment or maintenance, working at once after installation viable.

3. Original imported RF laser tube with high laser power, excellent laser spot, stable laser generation and lifetime of more than 20,000h.

4. High precision and speed performance with cutting & engraving working, 20% higher efficiency than similar models.

5. Professional industrial thermostatic circulation of water cooling system ensures more stable running and lower consumption.

6. Strict multiply protection control system can be sure the stable continuous working of 24h of laser marking system.

7. Application under Windows interface, AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Photoshop compatible, PLT, DXF, BMP supportive etc .

8. Especially applies RBI marking with light guild plate or acrylic, and cutting&engraving withpaper, formboard, leathers and footwears.

Product Details


Laser source
Origin: China
High quality laser source.More stable, better beam quality.Highher power and lowwer power loss.

Gavlo scanhead
Brand: Sinogavlo
Origin: China
faster, more accurate, and can be used 24 hours a day.

Sino-gavlo is a world famous brand,the No.1 sale in the world.


F-thaeta Scan Lens
Brand: Jollstar
Origin: China
Typically distortion less than 1%, Air-spaced design and high efficiency AR coatings guarantee excellent throughput and durability.

Brand: JCZ EZcad
Origin: China

Stable performance and high reliability. More than 90% laser marking machine are using EZcad controller, ensuring higher stability and shield-utilizing part of complex functions.


Switching power supply and wiring
Origin: China TAIWAN
Using the world-famous brand MEANWELL 24V power supply and scientific wiring layout can minimize the equipment failure caused by the wiring.

Focus finder
Brand: Bingyan laser
Origin: China
It allows you to quickly find the focal length without using a ruler, just to see if the red dots and red lines overlap on the surface of the product which you want to mark.


Brand: Cnlinko
Origin: China
SELF-LOCKING USB connector for more stable data transmission.The straight-in type is more convenient to use than the thread type, and the connection is more tight Waterproof.

Optional accessories:

Rotary device
Diameter: 50 /80 /100/120/150 mm
Especially for marking circular cylindrical objects,
Implement curved surface markup at lower cost.


2D movable working table
Size: 220*300mm
Move the X-axis and Y-axis freely through turning the knop instead of manually horizontal movement.

Product Application

Suitable for almost all nonmetal materials, including leather, soft fabrics, flocking fabrics, art wallpaper, denim fabrics, corduroy, velvet and other fabrics, rubber, wood board, bamboo, organic glass, ceramic tile, plastic, marble, jade, crystal etc.
Widly used in industries of food bag production line,clothing, textile, plate making for clothing, luggage, arts &crafts, bamboo and wood products, advertising decoration, home, hotel, advertising, exhibition decoration, automotive decoration and other industries.


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