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1.Jewelry laser welderis high precision (0.1-2mm spot size)welding methold and laser beam is very thin.
2.Laser is quick, Frequency can reach 20HZ.
3. Jewelry, glasses frame, mould, dental teeth need laser welding way which have beautiful welding joints.
4.Jewelry Laser welding machine is widely used in all kinds of metal like gold, sillver, bronze, aluminum,
steel and titanium!
5.Laser welding is new product, Buying this product can help you win advanced cleaning market!
6.We manufacture power supply which have big advantage in prices and after sale service.
7.Engineer door to door service.

LCD Touching Control Panel

Easy observation of water temperature and water level of xenon lamp. 20 sets of parameters can be preset, directly input the serial number when using.

Microscope :Adopt 10x microscope viewing system, helps to achieve extremely fine workpiece welding.

Gas Blowing Tube:By blowing nitrogen or argon gas,the workpiece is prevented from oxidizing and blackening and the angle of the blowing pipe can be adjusted at will.

Product features

1. Good safety, protect operator's eyes.
2. Powerful anti-jamming performance.
3. Easy and convenient operation.
4. High stability.
5. Microscope system ensure the precise welding
6. The protective gas controlled by program ensure the quality of the welding
7. Adopt ceramic laser cavity, high laser beam reflectivity, high optic-electric transferring efficiency.
8. The optimum welding spot has symmetrical energy distribution.
9. Fast welding speed, deeper melts pool, less distortion.
10. Tight welding spot, easy to operate, no maintain, no need fllng material.


Widely used in aviation, aerospace, sports goods, jewel, golf head, medical instrument, electronics, mechanical process, car industries. Suitable for gold, silver, copper, titanium, stainless steel and other metals' patch welding, spot welding, Docket repairina and iaw hand welding when mount parts.

Technical Parameter

Model Name HRC-200A-S
Laser Power 200W
Input power AC220V50/60HZ
Power Consumption ≤6KW
Pulse width 0.3-20ms
Observation system 10X Microscope or HD CCD
Control system PC
Aim at positioning Microscope
Alarm All error alarms can be displayed and queried
Laser Type YAG
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Energy 100J
Consumable Xenon lamp,Filter element,Protective lens,Argon
Working temperature 55°F(13°C)-82°F(28°C)
Working Humidity 5%-75%
Machine Weight 180KG
Warranty 24 months
Machine dimension 1080*590*1230mm


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Warranty and after-sales service

   1.This machine has a 24-months warranty. You can see the warranty card, service card, operation video, and user manual on this machine.

   2.During the warranty period, if any part is damaged, we will provide you with new parts for free, and the freight will be borne by us (you will never be required to return old parts, and some manufacturers will require customers to return damaged parts)

   3.Even if your machine is out of warranty period, if you encounter any problems, you can call our service center or contact your sales staff. We will help you solve the problem within 12 hours. We have a team of after-sales engineers in English, Japanese, and Russian, and we can provide support services that small factories cannot provide.

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