2.5D Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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HRC-FP series laser marker adopts advanced digital high-speed scan galvanometer and Module design that separate laser generator and lifter, endowed with the qualities of small volume, quick speed and easily marking on the big objects surface.

2.5D fiber laser marking engraving machine is an upgraded system based on 2D laser, using special marking software for laser marking to perform a deep marking on the surface of metal material to achieve relief or deep engraving effect.

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Model HRC-FP20/30/50
Work Area(MM) 110X110/160*160(Optional)
Laser Power 20W/30W/50W
Laser Repetition Frequency1 KHz-400KHz
Wavelength 1064nm
Beam Quality <2M2
Min Line Width 0.01MM
Min Character 0.15mm
Marking Speed <10000mm/s
Marking Depth <0.5mm
Repeat Precision +_0.002MM
Power Supply 220V(±10%)/50Hz/4A
Gross Power <500W
Laser Module Life 100000Hours
Cooling Style Air Cooling
System Composition Control System, HP Laptop, Separated Type
Working Environment Clean and Dust Free
Operating Temperature 10℃-35℃
Humidity 5% to75% (Free of Condensed Water)
Power AC220V, 50HZ, 10Amp Stable Voltage
Warranty 12 Months

In addition to competitive price, it also has good performance, which is related to outstanding performance. It has the characteristics of good linearity, high precision, fast speed, good stability and strong anti-interference ability. It can meet 90% of the requirements of fiber laser applications.

We are a professional manufacturer of automatic laser marking, engraving and cutting machines in China. Our products include optical fiber laser marking machine, laser marking machine, laser welding machine, laser engraving and cutting machine, which have passed CE certification. Our machines are widely used in handicrafts, mechanical parts, hardware tools, billboards, shipbuilding, auto parts, rubber molds, high-end machine tools, tire molds, environmental protection industries, etc. We have many customers from all over the world.

- Years of experience in production and development of CNC laser coding equipment:

- Direct sales from the factory to the buyer;

- 24-hour online after-sales service.

If you need more customization requirements, please contact us: info@hrclaser.com

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2.5D Fiber Laser Marking Machine
2.5D Fiber Laser Marking Machine
2.5D Fiber Laser Marking Machine
2.5D Fiber Laser Marking Machine
2.5D Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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